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Intel® Core™

The next generation of Intel Microprocessors

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With the introduction of the Core, Intel moves into a new era of high performance multicore processors with reduced power consumption. This is a community for the discussion of topics related to Intel Core processors and related products. New for 2007: With Intel's planned re-entry into the discrete graphics processor business, the Larrabee project and its derivatives will also be followed on an on-going basis.

DISCLAIMER: The personal opinions expressed in this community are in no way reflective of the official position of Intel Corporation. This forum is not an official channel, and may contain speculative information taken from outside journalistic sources.


1. Courtesy towards others
2. Make an effort to stay on topic
3. No offensive materials- Keep it clean
4. Large graphics are to be posted behind cut
5. Post an English translation of your post if it is in a non-English language (Posts that do not contain English content would be deleted)

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